Growth through experience

Asset Tree represents the relationship between a clients’ investments and their desire for those investments to grow. We have been facilitating this relationship for our clients since 1989. We can best describe this life cycle with the analogy of a tree, and close investigation of the trunk will reveal a truth about life and investing.


Investment Planning

We approach Investment Planning from a ‘needs’ point of view and not through a typical ‘risk profiling’ exercise. Investment Planning covers both Wealth Creation and Retirement Planning which are fundamentally different.

Risk Planning

What matters are important to you in the event of morbidity or mortality? We conduct a thorough investigation in order to determine these needs and we will advise appropriately.

Health Planning

Health is expensive on a monthly and annual basis. By combining medical aid and gap policies, one can have better cover than just on medical aid. 

Short term Insurance

Protect your business and private assets with quality short term insurance products designed to safeguard your vehicles, homes, personal possessions and business against the unexpected.

Business and Tax Planning

You have to pay taxes, however, there is no law that says you have to leave a tip. Asset Tree is dedicated to assisting our clients with every aspect of their financial planning.

Estate Planning and Wills

Death and taxes may be inevitable, but they shouldn’t be related. We look at the bigger picture of each and every client and set short, medium and long term strategies.

Our Team

We understand that you come to us because of who we are, not simply because of all the services we offer you. With a culture of partnership we have forged a team that injects expertise and energy into every client’s portfolio of needs and dreams. We stick with you to create a real and lasting relationship.